The vision of The Swedish Graphic Industries Federation clearly states our purpose: to focus on our member companies' competitiveness and profitability. With this direction, we aim to increase the service we provide our members.


The graphic industry develops, packages and spreads messages to and for the entire community, and because of this has an important role in the market economy, in democracy, and in education.

The Swedish Graphic Industries Federation inspires innovation and entrepreneurship, and endeavours to create industrial peace.


  • The federations' role is to strengthen the member companies' competitiveness and profitability, by:
  • Conducting intelligence, analysing industry trends and initiating relevant projects
  • Creating and maintaining networks in order to promote the exchange of knowledge between companies
  • Initiating agreements to make companies competitive in Sweden and globally
  • Being an expert advisor in contract and labour law issues
  • Pursuing issues that affect the industry's long-term development through lobbying politicians, authorities and other stakeholders
  • Being a leading spokesperson on matters related to the industry
  • Creating relationships with other sectors / stakeholders in order to enhance member companies' competitiveness
The Swedish Graphic Industries Federation is a member of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise (Svenskt Näringsliv), a pro-business interest organisation representing about 60,000 Swedish companies. Consequently, our member companies are members of the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as well.

The Swedish Graphic Industries Federation is also a member of Intergraf, the international umbrella organisation for graphic organisations. Intergraf, which is located in Brussels, represents trade interests in the EU and follows subjects regarding health and safety, education, economics and statistics, environmental protection, and legislation in trade related matters. The Swedish Graphic Industries Federation also co-operates with its Nordic sister organisations on a regular basis.


For more information about the Swedish Graphic Industries Federation please contact our Head of Communications, Johan Grauers, +46 (0)70-672 52 85,

Johan Grauers
Head of Communications